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Our Electronic Technological Development Organizing Devoted to the whole solution of the electronic product and suffused with household appliances, function type electric apparatus, electromechanics products equipment,etc.We offer the whole procedure service for industrial manufacturer.

Here many professional engineers with brand-new original idea, carry out the speciality of stepping research, has formed a service of following respects:

1.Design scheme to all kinds of household appliances;
2.The control system of temperature, the digital computer Temperature-controled system. ect;
3.The series of the medical instrument;
4.Production line of the household appliances;
5.The activity type combined stage;
6.Absorbing type refrigeration technology;
7.Tridimensional garage parking and warehouse;
8.The special and non-standard structural design system.

The eight contents are technological crystallization that we formed the systematized,The technology can form the products directly,and can cooperate with manufacturers (investor) by taking many ways .

Today News
May.2002,We developed the absorbing type refrigerator to accuse of fuzzily and warmly.
Oct.2002,We developed 5-1/2 of the high-accuracy digital form.
Jan.2003,We developed and improved the automatic mah-jong machine for producer.
Jul.2003,We developed phaseshift modulator for producer.
Nov.2004,We Improved the angry blood circulation machine for the producer .
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