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Goal--Become the famous and creationary organizing of
Industrial Design in China ...

We must admit that the value of design works is originality!
Nowadays there're very little excellent works of industrial design in China.Why?

First,The traditional concept block to originality works,many designers make design just only to accomplish assignment .And even as there's a innovative idea is coming ,he will give up easily because of resistance from the market and client.

Second,because of the lower quality in software and hardware. Especially the lack of special software user, so how to make the high quality works?

Third,Many manufacturers in china pay less attention on industrial design,more and more designers give up industrial design .

We have realized it deeply, Then the Shanghai Lines Industrial Design Co., Ltd was built in 2000.After 5 years ,many practical and innovative young designers gather here,becoming a group full of vigour .We built platform of LINES CAD/CAM/CAE system .We offer the effective,quality industrial design and responsible for customer.

We have offered various aspect sevice of industrial design for dozens of Domestic and international manufacturers ,include Japan ,U.S.A.,Germany ,and Hong Kong ,Taiwan,etc. Many design works we made have turned into products.We are although cooperated with the international manufacturer such as YAMAHA design institute in Japan.At present,we are planning to builtˇ°independent studioˇ±with the group of enterprise.

In 2005, we get the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 'code.Ihe number is 54-498-0795. You can get our credit report in

  Chief Designer: Murphy Ling
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