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Lines offer service on late stage of product process for manufacturer ,include:
1.Package Design,manual design and silk-screen print.

2.The inmolding system is designed to transfer only patterns inside injection molding dies through preprinted films (inmolding transfer foils)together with injection at the same time,and consists of molding die,transfer foils ,and precision foil feeding device.

3.Cubic 3D printing technology,it is use extensively at Three-dimensional printing technology adorn in the automobile,apply to air-condition,refrigerator,mobile telephone etc.

4.Special paint and coating can used in mainly automobile outer cover plates the material of the chromium in order to display the unique design,and used in mobile telephone and notebook PC,there are metallochrome , pearl color , porcelain color.

5.The metal data plate is processed,Leather packaging is processed.

The Metal Nameplate
Inmolding System
3D Print System
Special Paint Coating
Du Pont
Leather Packaging
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