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Industrial Design in China...
  Industrial Design
Industrial Design is the soul of modern corporation making,and play a leading role more and more in the market competition of the products.
  Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design is industrial design realization method,it needs combination of the designer's technology and experience.

Electronic Design
Force at the core of development by oneself of the products,enable the ID company to develop the products independently.

  Package Design
Package Design is the safety assurance in the products transportation,and it is the first behavior on the vision of the products.
Today News
In 2005,Lines get the Deng's code 54-498-079 of USA Information Advisory Company
Feb 2005,Lines become Kelon air-condition Company and win a bid of the design company .
Nov 2004,Lines designed the invoice machine series products for Shanghai Putian commercial machine Company.
Jan 2005,Lines design the new products for TCL Group.
Mar 2005,Lines updated the new website,
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